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circleimage is envisioned as an interactive digital portal, maintaining profiles of all elected representatives ranging from the Prime Minister to local level representatives as a fact-checking effort and accountability exercise. The digital portal aims to track the political commitments of elected representatives. Based on the efforts and the actual realization of the promises made to the public, representatives will be evaluated and rated. will function autonomously and independently as a flagship project of YI-Lab. It will function under the supervision of established experts in this field from around the globe.


An early 2017 BBC Future Now’s 50 experts panel saw the response to the question on the “grand challenges we face in the 21st century” to be the ‘breakdown of trusted information sources’. There is no denying the burden of public gullibility, treats of fake news and rumors. Being misled perhaps is the singular biggest threat to democracies today, more so in fledgling democracies like Nepal. Technology forms an inseparable part of our lives today. Simultaneously, technological advancement is being used as a tool of political power in today's digital era promoting lucidity in information infrastructure to a great extent. Digital advancement has benefitted different fields including politics and it is time technology that aids accountability and transparency.

In Nepal, there is constant and widespread accusation from the public that politicians do not deliver their commitments. Furthermore, there is a lack of record keeping which makes it hard to hold these individuals accountable. Due to the lack of a non-partisan platform that keeps track of politicians’ promises, these parties are free to deviate from the pledges and promises made during elections. As the media is prone to be biased, a need for a digital platform tracking the realization of promises with extensive research is needed in Nepal.

OUR SOLUTION collects information from reliable sources like the National Information Commission (NIC), various political institutions, Election Commission Nepal (ECN), prominent international and national news media and other sources in public domain and research publications. Information collected is quantified using standardized guidelines and portrayed through visual representations. Our database then tracks the campaign promises made, the efforts to fulfill campaign commitments and finally, notes the actualization of these promises. Different indicators will be monitored to track the representatives’ performance to check whether or not campaign promises are kept.

All records will be visualized from the and made available to the public for feedback. For long-term autonomous sustainability, reliable and ethical advertisement revenue will be one of the sources of funds. Strict advertisement guidelines will be put into place. Any content that can play a role in diluting the reliability of the site content will not be entertained.


The 2017/18 elections witnessed 35,041 individuals elected for local level government and 550 individuals in provincial level government, National Assembly (NA) and in the House of Representatives (HoR). Tracking a massive number of representatives is a huge challenge and currently, there are little or no reliable records being maintained on their performance. This is the gap aims to fill by providing the public with an interactive digital portal dedicated to fact-finding and representative performance tracking. is an open digital platform to access all relevant records of representatives and their performance update on a regular basis. The platform also serves as a resource platform for upcoming elections as it aims to create informed voters and accountability through future comparative studies.


Leaders on the Database: 5689; Registered political parties Featured: 210


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