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Hamro Mahila Pratinidhi


Hamro Mahila Pratinidhi

Hamro Mahila Pratinidhi project will publish a book, accessible to all, with the profile of elected female political leaders through an interactive website. This project is about creating a profile of elected 315 female political leaders under federal parliament and provincial parliament of Nepal. Furthermore, it also visualizes profiles of elected 14,353 local level female representatives through its interactive web portal. The digital database will be available to anyone with an internet access, whereas the published book will be helpful for those without the internet.

YI-Lab in the past has produced a digital database of all political candidates with the support of the Election Commission of Nepal. Recently, YI-Lab has developed and designed Online Survey to upgrade traditional data collection system with mobile-based technology.


Representatives are elected in a democracy to listen to and help solve the problems of the general public. During elections, promises are made by the political candidates however, they are seldom kept. Once representatives are in positions of power it is extremely difficult for the general public to reach them.

Despite the proliferation of social media and modern-day technology people are still struggling to find basic information about and have easy communication with their representatives. For example, if a woman wants to share her grievances with the elected candidate of her hometown, she may not have access to information to enable her to directly reach out to her. Thus, there is a need for a digital platform, through which the general public can easily reach out to their elected female representative.


This project will build an important bridge, which is missing, for proper communication between elected female representatives of Nepal and their constituents through direct streamlines including telephone information and email.  Through the book “Hamro Mahila Pratinidhi” which will also be available electronically, it will be possible for the general public to directly contact, meet and email their female representatives. The information on 315 female political leaders under federal parliament and provincial parliament of Nepal including 14,353 local level female representatives will be available on an interactive web portal and easily accessible for the public to download for personal use or research purposes. This would bring people, that need means to access their representatives, closer to the those that have power to implement changes.


Hamro Mahila Pratinidhi is the first digital portal that includes a digital profile of elected female representative of Nepal. 

  • The site includes the profile of female leaders from the National Assembly, Federal Parliament, Provincial Assembly, and local levels.  
  • The Digital portal includes data visualization in nine different variables. 
  • The users can contact their representatives directly from the site. 
  • Digital Map visualization with various indicators. 



Development Phase. For more updates, kindly visit www.hamromahilapratinidhi.com


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