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Community Impact Hub


Community Impact Hub

Community Impact Hub (CI-Hub) is a volunteer-driven initiative of YI-Lab to promote the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation at the grassroots level. The formal and informal youth groups ranging from academic institutions, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and youth groups can register their local chapters following the guidelines prepared by YI-Lab.

This hub will help young enthusiastic changemakers with their ideas and provide proper guidance so they can create tangible solutions for their community’s most pressing challenges. Our aim is to build entrepreneurial communities, creating a  space for innovators and dreamers to collaborate and meaningfully impact society.


With an estimated population of 31 million, Nepal is a highly stratified society with 125 castes and ethnic groups (including 63 indigenous communities). Nepal ranks 145th out of 188 countries on the United Nations Development Program’s 2015 Human Development Index, placing the country in the low human development category. GNI per capita is estimated at the US $730. 15% of people are living on less than $1.90 per day. According to the World Bank’s 2016 report, about 80% of the total population of Nepal lives in rural areas. Nepal is essentially an agrarian economy, providing subsistence livelihood for 70% of its population. The structural transition from agriculture towards knowledge and technology sectors has been slow. The economy does not have the capacity to create employment for all those entering the labor market. The lack of economic opportunities and poverty has fuelled the migration of an estimated three million Nepali workers to various countries. Remittance amounts to 25% of its GDP. This information alludes that It shows that there is a dearth of local level platforms that provide opportunities for youth to understand local problems and begin to solve them. CI-Hub is an envisioned solution to fill this gap; recognizing community challenges and finding solutions under local initiation.  


Community Impact Hub is a community level platform envisioned to engage local youths to have discussions about the local issues and find volunteer-driven solutions. Any formal and informal local youth group can register their platform through YI-Lab’s website following a small registration guideline.

After successful registration, the CI-Hub will have access to resources like impact grants, organization registration process, funding opportunities, reporting, financial management guidelines, and mentorship. CI-Hub offers free membership for interested clubs, but charges for extensive professional services including guidance on building strong institutional foundations and procedure.


The CI-Hub members can simply setup local clubs in their respective community following the guidelines provided by YI-Lab. The registered clubs will get access to digital resources and access to the pool of entrepreneurs who can guide for transforming ideas into action.

Furthermore, CI-Hub members will get access to different events, conferences (national/ international) and workshops on a regular basis. The members will have access to be connected with YI-Lab team to mould their raw ideas. This initiative also serves as a bridge to SDG: Co-Lab.





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